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Self-Directed Learning

Very young people, in their early learning, begin with curiosity and forge ahead from various points of interest. Think back to when you learned to walk or talk. This is a natural way that blends into the more formal years of learning, can be adopted with positive guidance and possible for everyone. In fact, it’s more how adults approach their learning. [more...]

Academic Coaching

Reduce anxiety, gain confidence and find success. This can be learned and with positive guidance, possible for everyone. Elizabeth facilitates & coaches for academic success. She has extensive training and 30 years experience with both youth & adults. She has worked with people learning at home, in school and at work. [more]

Diploma Exam

Preparation for English

30-1 & 30-2

Work from the comfort of your home as you enhance your writing skills and reading comprehension to master these exams. [more]

Personal Coaching

Elizabeth is a skilled coach, offering the Emotional Intelligence (EQi) profile as a springboard into the process of gaining more awareness about what is in the way of your success. [more]  
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How to have a conversation

This offer is available as a workshop for groups of young people. Please gather your friends, organizations or family and bring them together for this adventurous exploration of intelligent conversations. [more]