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Welcome to the new shape and direction of Home Learning Connections.

Self Directed Learning

Creative Original Independent Engaged Find Your Voice After 10 years of successfully directing Home Learning Connections (HLC), supporting hundreds of students & families, HLC is now an independent & private business, offering support and encouragement on your home education journey, through coaching, tutoring and workshops.  
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With our own two children, we chose home education and

observed how our daughter discovered doulas and midwifery

when she was 11 years old. Now, she is in her second year of

working as a professional midwife, a dream whose seeds were

planted many years earlier.

  Our son, at 11 years of age, became a skilled driver as he learned on tractors, dump trucks and a grader on our farm. Today, three years after graduating from heavy equipment training, he drives fulltime in reclamation.   HLC is here for you (student, parent and/or professional), supporting the conditions for learning success, expanding trust, increasing focus on what matters and linking you to the wider world.  International families are welcome.     Contact Elizabeth (every chance you get) info@homelearningconnections.ca


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